April 17, 2013

ASDB (Arizona) : You have the power to change it!

Suggested Course of Action:
1. Write letters to the board in support of Nancy Amann.  Board@asdb.az.gov
2. Write letters to the board stating specific actions that you have witnessed Robert Hill doing that is inappropriate or you feel has intimidated you or another staff member.  Board@asdb.az.gov
3. Contact your local legislature, congress officials and your local media. http://www.azleg.gov/alisStaticPages/HowToContactMember.asp
4. Write letters to the editor at your local Newspaper. 
5. Speak openly about your experiences with Robert and Nancy to your fellow community members, co workers, family members, anyone who will listen.  Spreading the word is vitally important.
7. Questions or concerns contact us at ASDBReport@gmail.com. You can also sign up for update emails to be sent to your inbox by emailing a request to this address as well. The information provided there is different then provided on this website.
8. Gov. Jan Brewer is Robert Hill's boss. Learn how to contact her here http://azgovernor.gov/contact.asp
9. Buy a Strength In Numbers t-shirt and attend the next board meeting April 25th at 5pm. It will be held at the PDSD Campus

For questions on how to write a letter to a Government Official see here. - http://www.wikihow.com/Address-a-Letter-to-a-Government-Official