November 23, 2009

Afterthought of VRS Frauds

I suggest you to click on the link above and read about the video relay service criminal activities. I couldn't believe it. I was speechless when I read about it. And I did meet some of them who were arrested last week due to the defraud of collecting minutes via video relay service.

Deaf community is a tiny world but it could happen. It happens so rare when something like that happen in the deaf community. And because the world is so tiny that sometimes people would judge us in their dark perspectives of deaf culture. Whatever happened to the criminal activities at video relay service companies did not reflect on deaf community at all. WE DO NOT ENCOURAGE any of these criminal activities to happen. It's just that there happened to be a few bad apples and a few innocents who happened to get involved by helping the bad apples.

And most of us know it's funny ZERO (deaf idiom for not funny at all) to break any of government laws when it comes to grants or support services. Most of us are so shocked by the news and hope that we'll make the best out of our learning experience thru this ordeal in the deaf community.