November 20, 2009

Please Support KODAWest

I've been a volunteer at KODAWest (Kids of Deaf Adults (parents, foster parents, guardians and etc...) events for 3 years. And it is one of my favorite non-profit organizations. I'm not a mother nor an Aunt. I am a kid at my own heart and I'm sometimes selfish of things I want to do and things I have that I can do.

But my selfishness would go away every time I volunteer at KODAWest because it takes a village to raise a kid and in order to do that, some sacrifices have to be made. I'm not talking about giving up your hobbies, your daily routines and/or your careers. I'm talking about giving one beautiful Saturday to inspire kids, to be involved in kids' activities and to play with kids. Even going to KODAWest event after 4 hours of sleep is worth my time.

Please support KODAWest by going to Chase Community Giving, type in KODAWest and vote! AS someone once said, our children are our future.