November 19, 2009

Sprint Billing Department --- Uptight or Fed Up?

My mom sent me a message saying that my blackberry is out of service. So I decided to call my service which is under Sprint. The representative said I owes the past amount due of xx.xx in which I strongly disagreed because of my previous payment last month. After solving the issue,I asked the representative to reconnect my service to my blackberry altho I do owe them the amount of the bill for THIS month. Not last month, not two months ago, THIS month.

The representative said it was due on the 4th. I again disagreed and have told the representative last month to postpone my date due to the 14th of every month. The representative found it but because it is already disconnected, I still have to pay the amount due for the service of Oct xx to Nov xx.

Whoa! I said but I've asked for the postpone and Sprint should have not disconnected my service. The representative said its already disconnected and I have to pay it now or face the consequence of amount due and the reconnection fee which was 200 dollars.

WHAT?!?!? I argued with that representative for 10 minutes and she kept on saying I'm sorry, I know you've asked for the postpone but it's already disconnected, etc etc...

F*&^ Sprint! I was so livid. My friend suggested me to try and call and maybe I'll get a better representative that can help me out. Maybe tomorrow, but not tonight.