October 16, 2006

1 3 5

1 3 5 students were arrested at the protest rally against the president-elect Jane Fernandes and President I. King Jordan at Gallaudet University. Check it out at http://www.gufssa.org; http://www.joeybaer.com; http://www.ridorlive.com; http://www.deafread.com; http://www.elisawrites.com; http://www.scallionstallion.com; and http://www.xanga.com/supercurls.com

And Gallaudet University Alumni Assocation President, Andy Lange, NAD President Bobbie Beth Scoggins (http://www.nad.org) , Tim Rarus; one of Deaf President Now 1988 movement leaders are involved in the protest rally against Gallaudet University Board of Trustees, President-Elect Jane Fernandes and President I. King Jordan.

I have not seen any protest rally like this one where students' parents, Gallaudet University faculty and staff as well as supporters have flew in or are going to fly in to support the rally.

And when 135 students were arrested on Friday, October 13, 2006; it was just more than a bad superstitious. It was a cry that every deaf community have heard in the world. Tent cities in support of FSSA (www.gufssa.com) have been set up to show their support all over the world.

135 students' arrests have broken my heart. We're in a period where we cannot ignore students' voices, anymore. I don't care how much a voice would make, I care if there are eyes and ears to listen to students' voices. I think the Board of Trustrees that appointed Jane Fernandes to be the President of Gallaudet University in 2007 have failed to hear the voices. Now because the protest rally has grown and is continuing to grow, FSSA has somewhat become a powerful group movement, the most powerful movement ever in history in deaf/hard of hearing/hearing loss community simply because a few powerful leaders have decided not to listen to students' voices.