December 12, 2009

The 25th Party

It's 04:35 on a rainy Saturday morning. I would have never thought the party after would spike my energy higher than the heaven at this time.

It's always good seeing old faces especially those who live so far away from me. And it's always wonderful to carpool with my true friend for 16 years, my true young soul sister of 6 years and my new friend who I already called "sister" and earned the title of being an Aunt of Bonima1.

1. Bonima is the name of the household in North Hollywood. It's well known as one of the most stimulation place on Earth in deaf community.

And being at the party far away from home is an excellent idea to have a break away from my studies.

And I'm not sad that it ends. I'm so happy that I went there and mingle with 22 wonderful ladies. And if you're my friend on face book, you might run across these pictures that may be posted there.

It's time for me to bid you a good morning!