December 9, 2009

My Wonderful Friends -- Red Hottie!

About ten years ago, a group of ladies meet up for game night once a month in which it grows into wonderful a certain group of friends, our emotional bonds greater than the mixture of water and oil, our trust deeply delve inside the treasure chest at the bottom of the sea and we couldn't live without each other in this lifetime.

We keep each other in touch, have lunch or dinner together, send email more than thrice every week, and make sure we'll see each other no longer than a month. We also have Red Hottie vacation once a year.

We also have trails and tribulations that we've gone through together, support each other, had been to hell and back high up to heaven, passed many tests and we remain strong, tender, sensitive and very protective of each other. This is the unique of one of my inner circle, The Red Hottie.

And we are always each others' angels. Always.