February 18, 2010

Tiger Woods: Human Being

Whew! I was starting to worry how precision that man was. Beyond perfect. Perhaps I'm jealous of perfectionists but still we are all human beings. We have our own temptations, flaws, desires and cravings that our friends, our family or the public might not approve of. We are supposed to have flaws, weakness, glitches or bad-ass side because they are the lessons of life and if we believe (I do!) we can be better person day by day, these lessons are useful and resourceful to our souls.

I've meet perfectionists. I love them because they're trying their best to have the highest self-actualization of their own. But when they try to cover up their emotions that might crack their perfection, that's when they start to drive me crazy. Isn't emotion bonding a great way to interact with other human beings? Isn't it a great way to bond and make new friends and have hope that we'll grow old and still hang out together?

Perfectionists; I can grow old with them, I can handle their temper when imperfection"ism" come into their way, I can handle when they beat me at games, I can handle them when their opinions make more sense than mine does but I cannot handle it if I find out that they've done a bad deed such as lying, betrayal, cheating, blackmailing or sabotaging to others. Just simply because the others (more likely) don't deserve it.

I'll express that I'm disappoint in them but will continue to be on their side. I'm on Tiger's side not because he made a perfect example of "transgression" but because he's a human being that is actually just a human being like others who probably cannot control his lust in sexual relations with ladies other than his wife. That shows how imperfect we are. I'm disappointed in him, the way I look at him is differently in a shed of light: alright, he made several mistakes that ruin his marriage but not his career. But still I'll be on his side, rooting him at the golf, hope he'll make many other wonderful plays and win the other cup again. After all, he's a true human being in making.