May 25, 2011

Deaf Women's Day 2011

The HIV Prevention Program at GLAD is excited to host Deaf Women’s Day on June 10, at GLAD! This event is FREE and open to all deaf and hard of hearing women. Come with your friends and family, and meet other deaf and hard of hearing women. Bring CASH to support deaf and hard of hearing women in business.

This event is the perfect blend of opportunities:
• Be entertained by a variety of performances on stage!
- Julia Dameron's “Beyond Essays” short film (
- Evelina Gaina’s “No Name Yet!” show (
- … surprise ASL song performances and several other short films
• Visit women-owned businesses and organizations at their booths – and go shopping!
• Enjoy special treats in our Red Light District for a limited time!
• Find your status through HIV testing and learn more about HIV with our HIV Educator.
• Food and drinks will be provided. Complete event schedule will be released soon.

The HIV Prevention Program at GLAD is thrilled to host this collaborative event with agencies and businesses that share our mission and will join forces to break the barriers of ignorance against deaf women. Our goal is to nurture our minds, embrace our bodies and celebrate our hearts as Deaf women in the world. This special event provides opportunities for Deaf Women of all colors to come together and improve their skills in dealing with life’s challenges, as well as recognizing themselves as succulent Deaf Women.

For more information, contact us at / or go to

We hope to see you on June 10th!

P.S. – here are a few booths coming so far (more to come!)…
- Pampered Chef (Kristine Hall)
- Miz Hands On Spa (Megg Rose)
- Peace Over Violence (Laura Ripplinger)
- Damname Productions and Deaf Women in Film (Julia Dameron)