August 3, 2011

The Aftermath

Kanan Dume Road: One of the most beautiful scenic routes and it can carry you from San Fernando Valley to Malibu Beach and/or Zuma Beach in an half hour.

I've been taking this road as a driver or as a passenger for 15 years since my two friends were killed on Las Virgenes Road. I took Kanan Dume Road as an alternative thanks to Janel Davis.

Last Sunday was a great day to began with. Jessica and I had decided to go to Zuma Beach. We had great conversations, met two strangers and had conversations with them. It was at sunset when we decided to go home.

Uphill on the winding Kanan Dume Road, we were faced with a sunset that emerged out of the North, its rays blinded us. I managed to had a sneak peek that the car in the front of us had slowed down (probably because the sunset had blinded them as well) so we slowed down. The unpredictable moment was a car coming out of nowhere behind us as I saw it thru the rear view mirror. I knew I only had a second to react.

That one second, I remembered trying to reach for Jessica's arm, and held my other hand up for protection before the black convertible Mustang crashed into us. I did remember feeling my forehead hitting the cd rack that was on the windshield visor. After that, I do not remember anything.

The most critical moment aftermath was when Jessica was able to wake me up and asked me if I'm okay and I was able to respond, "yes and are you okay?" A lot of people have passed out and never woke up from it ever. I'm NOT ready to sleep forever if you can catch my drift.

Today, I'm deeply grateful and so happy that Jessica, me, and the driver and two other passengers in black Mustang came out alive. Cars are very expensive toys that can be recycled and replaced but nothing and no one can ever replace Jessica Rogers, me and the other people involved in the car accident.

Today, I'm so glad we are still here on the earth. Like Michael Agyin had mentioned to me: "i know we dont talk often...but im glad youre ok..we need you here in this world, just sayin".