November 14, 2011

Paradise Cove Restaurant

A lot of reasons to attend to Paradise Cove Restaurant in Malibu, CA.

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I go there twice a year just to release the worries, the nagging, the stress and complications off my shoulder.  Last year, I went there when I was so worldly angry at one of my friends.  And while I was trying to analyze the situation I was in with him, I finally was able to breathe, enjoy the guilty food, played with my ipad and immerse my feet into sand.  It's one of the most peaceful places on earth.  If you dine there, the parking validation fee will be at 4 dollars for 4 hours.  The restaurant also have a bar and happy hour prices.

The best part about it is that it's on the beach.  It's NOT at the front of the beach. It is ON the sand and I often wonder if its spot is so lucky because apparently the ocean has not swallowed the restaurant yet; especially during the flood seasons from high tide at Malibu.

Today, I'm encouraging my buddies and my friends to go there just for once.  Here's pictures I've taken from my own camera.

My feet onto the warm sand
Friendly bird that also preys fries.  He is a pretty good thief

Of course, it supports and protects the environment.  Unless this thief from the image above somehow managed to snatch a few fries.
You can walk on the pier.  It's a public pier for the residents who live at trailer park nearby. 
Loft area for drinking and relaxing on the lounge chairs.  No food allowed in this area.
This beautiful Pacific Ocean is right there.  Often I felt like I could just jump in but I chicken out because of its cold temperature.
The sign says it all...
Cliff right next to the Paradise Cove Restaurant.  Lot of people who dine there will go and hike there afterwards.