December 29, 2011

The last weekend of 2011

It is surreal. I just looked at the calendar and realize it's the last weekend of 2011. Here's pictures of my life in 2011!
Making a toast at the beach
My car accident
Walking with Murphy the Dog
Mom and I in Palm Springs
One of many car trips
My childhood friend on her sister's 40th birthday
One of my art photography
Sailing like a pirate
My lovely book club
Paradise Cove
In video campaign for Deaf Hope
After the hail in North Hollywood, CA
One of my favorite centerpieces
One of my frequent trips to Riverside

The Summer Sunset

Saying good bye to twists (dreadlocks) of 4 years

Hiking at Runyon Canyon

One of my favorite tea quotes

The launch of

One of these love moments

One of my favorite bbq gatherings

Fun watching them playing the game

Very good advice

girls are having fun

His art display

One of my favorite poets

My mom and I at the Red Carpet Premiere of Versa Effects

One of the most beautiful weddings

Hiking at Tree People

One of my other favorite tea quotes
One of my favorite pictures at my roommate's birthday party

Bald for cancer survivors in October