January 22, 2012

Against Indiana HB 1367: Take A Stand!

I'm joining a large group of community that is rallying against Indiana HB 1367. This bill; if passed, will remove outreach program at Indiana School for the Deaf. It's possible that the other states are watching to see if the bill is worth saving money by removing outreach program at other schools for the deaf. We need your help to prevent this from happening. I excerpted this video in ASL Version and English Version from The Deaf Edge Blog: An Open Letter to the Indiana Goverment
Please take your time to watch it in ASL version or read it in English version. Please spread the word! Thank you so much!
Dear Indiana Legislators:
As a Deaf Community activist, with a degree in Public Administration, I am writing to you to strongly state my opposition to House Bill 1367, and am asking you to oppose this as well.
HB 1367 seeks to remove the outreach center from the Indiana School of the Deaf , but there is no rationale of any kind for this bill. There is no financial incentive to make this kind of change, and in all likelihood, would incur an increase in government spending in a time where there needs to be less spending.
Furthermore, there is zero evidence that the deaf outreach center has been failing parents and children of Indiana. No cost/benefit analysis has been done to justify this proposal. Nor has any evidence based, independent research been done, to justify this proposal.
Indeed, by all accounts, the outreach center is serving the population of Indiana very well, and already involves all of the stakeholders – which this bill does not have a provision for.
It is also deeply troubling to me that this bill is being rushed through without any transparency or serious analysis on the justifications for this bill. This directly contravenes the fundamental principles of democratic governance.
I strongly urge you to stand for transparency, enfranchisement of all Indiana citizens, and democratic governance by voting against HB 1367.
Respectfully yours,
Jeannette Johnson
If you have not yet, please send in emails to the Indiana Legislators stating your opposition to HB  1367. Here is the link to their email addresses: http://www.in.gov/cgi-bin/legislative/contact/contact.pl
It is imperative that the national Deaf Community take action on this and support the Indiana Deaf Community in this time of crisis. I realize that many of us are exhausted – but we have nothing to lose by sending in emails opposing this bill. Take a stand and demand that you and your fellow deaf peers be treated as citizens of this country. Because we are. We are not second class citizens, nor children of a lesser god.
Take a stand. We have nothing to lose.