April 30, 2012

First week of May

After my mom's successful double mastectomy surgery, I was able to take care of my mom for a week. By my experience taking care of her as my arms were her arms because she couldn't move her arms much; I started having a huge respect on nurses and home care-takers.  It's a lot of work in which involves a lot of love and patience taking care of my mom.  She was the focus this week.  I managed to sneak in to do a few hours of work.

Then I decided to use a short meeting to evade from my mom one night.  The meeting was at my alma mater, California School for the Deaf, Riverside.  At same time, Hoy Classic was going on.  After the meeting, I was able to enjoy the warm weather, sun shining on my back, walking onto soft grass and chatting with old faces and new faces.  I realized every time I step at my alma mater, my fond for this school grew bigger and bigger.  I love being a CSDR Alma Mater.  I returned to my mom with an extra few breaths of fresh air.

It was time for me to go home.  I was away from my own life for a little too long.  Homecoming to my life's theme was the focus because I knew I have a lot of things to do.

First step of focus was to list what I can do and what I can't do.  The what I can't do is list longer than what I can do list.  I realize I'm not spreading myself too thin which is a very good news for my soul.

When I return, I decided to play first.  So I saw my friends on Saturday and Sunday and have a blast time playing with them.  I woke up this morning feeling so good and ready to make my Monday a productivity day. I make sure I have 40% play time and 60% work time.  That's what everyone should be doing in my humble opinion.  My goal of my value of time is 60% play time and 40% work time when I get older before my retirement age. Perhaps at 50 years old.

From there, I'm able to boost my productivity Monday.  Here starts my new week and I'm looking forward to it.