May 10, 2013 Investigation Report (Repost)

It has brought to my attention that the investigation report of video has been removed by  So I made an effort to use this video on this post for those of you who have missed the chance to see it.  Keep in your mind that it's a video journal and it has no intent to harm anyone who is involved in the video production and has no intent to harm anyone who is involved as members of  The intention of this vlog is to debate whether the legislation initiatives of SB 1240/HB 1391 bill will supersede over the options of allowing medical community to offer a sign language community to deaf and hard of hearing babies.  I'm one of the 95% - 99% deaf babies of hearing parent and I'm a survivor of AG Bell.  By this statement, I was a failure oral student at John Tracy's Clinic.  When I was placed into sign language community, my cognitive development built quicker and I was very lucky to be able to caught up the lack/delay of educational learning process.  I've met some people who continued to struggle to keep up because they were not exposed to sign language environment until later in their lives.

And keep in your mind that the investigator and the supporter of legislation initiatives of SB 1240/ HB 1391 and allegedly moderator of already have made their voices in public.  Therefore, they had made their reputations in the deaf community, whether is it to be speaking deaf community or deaf people whose primary communication method is in American Sign Language.

An investigative report from Maisha Antoinette Franklin on Vimeo.