November 17, 2006

Videos, Photo Gallery and Wild Journey in November

Whew! Someone said I'm obsessed with Scorpios. Well, she might be right but there's a difference, I'm having fun with my obsession about Scorpios and horoscopes. However, that's not the most important part. The most important part is celebrating my friends' lives whether its their birthdays, at the end of hard working day, or a deserving reward. I'm seriously sleep deprived but that is worth my waking hours being there and with them.

And my proudest moment of myself was buying a digital camera on Columbus day for an unbelievable price--- not just the digital camera itself but the whole package!
And from there on, I took pictures and short films all the way.

I decided to use this blog to upload videos and use Goggles Photo Gallery. As for the videos, scroll down and click on the videos twice or click play!

Please view my pubic photo gallery at the "Sunrise and Sunset Thoughts" box (On the top center of my blog, "My Public Photo Gallery") or type this link . If you want to download pictures, please send me an email.