December 12, 2006

My butt before the operation



I'll have a surgery on my butt on Wednesday, December 13 at 1:30pm. It's called Fatty Clump that has been growing out on my butt. It went from 1cm to 1 inch and few more centimeters within 6 months. The reason: Fatty Clump has its own roots and blood vessels to keep it alive. I'll be admitting to OR room for the surgery and will be knocked out for few hours.

It used to divide my crack apart at about 1cm. Now it is hugging my other side of butt cheek as if it's bidding a long farewell.

I'll miss playing with it. It doesn't hurt at all. I sit on it, feel it but doesn't hurt. It's soft, easy to squeeze and still a piece of wonder on my body.

However, as we all know, it doesn't belong there. If I could perserve the roots then put it in fresh soil, give it some water and sun; believe it or not, it'll grow taller, stronger and provides extra more oxygen and energy to relax me when I get home.

I'll be at Kaiser Permanete (sp?) in Woodland Hills, CA. Posted by Picasa