December 14, 2006

After the Surgery

Hi Friends,

The picture shows too much bandage for only one inch and few cms of tail. The detached tail has been sent to Lab to find out what it is. The results will come in 2 weeks.

The doctor gave me Vicodin for the pain but I haven't taken them yet. Thank God because I don't want to take them at all. I will take them only if the pain is intolerable. No throbbing pain but the whole left leg is numb. I have to drag it and I feel like a pirate with the wooden leg.

Dr ordered me to have five full day of rest. No long distance driving. Must stay off my left butt for three to five days.

Overall, I'm doing good. I've been laying down a lot because dragging my left leg made me tired. I also can't stand for more than 15 minutes or else I'll feel tired and want to lay down.

A friend of mine asked me if I'll take picture of the stitches after the bandage comes off. I've given it a thought and said no. I believe I've exposed my butt enuff after attaching these pictures.

Thank you for your support. Hugs.