June 22, 2007

Magazine Peels

I'm guilty full time because I am one of these people who would go into barbershop, automative shop or doctor office, pick up magazines and if I see anything I really like, I'll tear the pages off and sock them into my handbag. Then I'll tape or glue the tore pages in my journal.

Few issues stand out: I didn't buy these magazines and these magazines in public is for readership only and not to be manuiplate with. 2: people will miss out on the opportunity to be inspired by articles or to learn something of that values. 3: its unconsiderable and selfish while these shops or offices spend money on subscription fees (they re expensive) and to found these manipulated magazines useless.

Instead of continuing this habit, most magazines are available online. So I always write down the title of magazine, when it was written and the title of the article. Then I googled it and found it. Most of the time, its effective. Some time, I'll have to register in which I hate to do. Sometimes, I'll have to pay online membership.

But oh hey, it might make a difference: sharing inspirational with others by not tearing a page out of the magazine. We never know that a person next to us needs that kind of inspiration we received from reading an article in the magazine.

Kudos to the people who make small steps to change they wish to see in the world.

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