June 20, 2007

Seasoned June

Seasoned June

I'm grabbing this opportunity to type my journey via email and it'll publish on my blog without me having to sign on.

That means I can type any entry wherever I am. Isn't that neat? Speaking of the technology that we take for granted daily; its investment is always a short run.

My mom approached me after she discovered her new laptop doesn't have parallel port for printer. My mom is not a techincal savvy and the thought of purchasing computer accessories horrifies her sometimes. "I could have spent this money on something else" is written all across her forehead without mentioning it.

After I explain about getting parallel port to usb converter, she exhaled sharply and said, do I have to buy it?

I encourage my friends to get a credit card of spending limit from 300 to 500 for technology only. Or else they'll discover they have to buy computer accessories, parts or computers to keep updated with technology. Technology advances faster than you can sign, "Sam says...".

I have one and it helps me in a long run. Or save your money until the biggest sales of the year on technology: Labor Day, Black Friday (after thanksgiving), After X Mas Day Sale and New Year's Day.

Go to http://www.tigerdirect.com and explore their fabulous and reasonable prices on technology.

And one advice: do not ask salesperson for their opinion if you didn't do your homework first. They always try to persuade customers to buy technology that go beyond the unneccessary needs that you're asking for. Talk to your friends who s tech savvy and they ll help you. Tech savvy always try to find reasonable prices on tech to spend on.

Kudos to you and your hearts today!

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