August 30, 2008

Estranged Fathers-Stop Right Now

While I took a break out of my frustration with my internet connection; I watched E! TV about Lindsay Lohan and her estranged father, Michael.
I'm not great at blogging about this certain subject or not a great debater on this certain of situation. But I feel I just want to say something about it.

I have an estranged father that I have not seen in years. He walked out of my life at age 8 and refused to meet me on our scheduled visit at age 13. I did not lose my estranged father. He lost me and there's no way I'm going back to him in a long time.

Estranged fathers have one thing in common: They became strangers to their relatives. (

Some of estranged fathers walked out and left nothing behind. Some of them walked out then try to return/rebuild their relationships with their children. Daughters and Sons are supposed to be number 1 to their mothers and fathers. But because of different types of situations; it doesn't always happen.

Altho I do not know Lohans but using the media to lash out on people by Michael Lohan really have caught my attention. I think he's the only one doing this through media as far as I know in Entertainment Industry. He's desperately trying to reunite his elder daughter by hurting people Lindsay love. I don't know what his strategy was but obviously, it had driven an edge into the relationship between them. No puns intended but Michael needs to put his head up his butts. Wouldn't it be better if his focus is on somewhere else in a positive light? A recent news that Michael's father died of a certain type of cancer might would do that.

But if he continues to do that; he'd lose his children and these kind of damages cannot be revisited or repaired. I think the damages are already there but the further they go, there might be no return or going back to rebuild the relationship between them.

So, Michael, stop right now! And to these estranged fathers in similiar situations with their children: Stop right now! Focus on what's left between estranged fathers and their children would be just sufficient to build up their relationships insteading of hurting the others they love.

And for these daughters and sons in struggling relationships with their estranged mothers or fathers, you know who you are!