August 31, 2008

व्हेन थे बेल्स रिंग अत मिदनिघत...

I've canceled my vacation trip this weekend to catch up on my website projects. I've worked on them and took other half day off watching TV all day.

Owning a small business always have one more hurdle to jump over, and another one more by tomorrow. Since it has grown, I'm felling behind because I'm the only one working on them. And I'm trying my best to balance my time schedule.

As you mightn't known, I left my wonderful career as PR coordinator at GLAD (5 years) to pursue website design career further and to expand my teaching field in American Sign Language. I thought I would regret it after I left but I was wrong. I do not regret it at all. Altho I have missed working at GLAD, I'm glad I've moved onto a new journey.

My advice to you: Follow your dreams even tho they're so big to dream for. Happy Labor Day!