September 29, 2008

11:27 AM - The 65 mph law

Current mood: rebellious

I was driving down the hill on 23 north to Fillmore off 101 East in Ventura County at approx 70 mph. And along the way a lot of cars were pulled aside by highway patrol cops and Ventura County cops. I don't want to jinx my driving record in which I have gotten two expensive speeding tickets two years ago. One was driving 85 mph downhill in Palmdale (14 fwy: I was cruising downhill without pressing the gas pedal) and 78 mph on 118 east due to fatigue by working 7 consecutive days, 90 working hours and only had 28 sleeping hours out of "the usual" 56 sleeping hours per week.

Both of these tickets took 300 dollars out of my pocket and was warned of two tickets stint within 18 months.

So, today, I decided to cruise at exact 65 mph by turning on the cruiser on the fast lane (remmy, 65 mph maximum, not minimum) and oh my goodness; I have had never experienced a lot of angry people surrounding me while driving.

And I couldn't stop laughing at some people who had to change the lane, pulled out their bird fingers at me. Some of them gave me dirty looks. I responded to all of them with a sign language, I love you. And they sped angrily as if I have distrubed their paths of life. There was one dark grey honda that gave me the bird finger. Guess where it ended up 8 miles down the road. On the right side with police cruiser behind it.

and I really felt good driving at 65 mph because I felt no pressure by other drivers who tailgated me and hope that I'd sped for them. I think I'm going to continue and cruise at 65 mph with a big smile on my face!

Currently reading :
Accidents before and after the 65 mph speed limit in California
By A Khorashadi