September 28, 2008

America's Bailout supports no individuality

4:42 PM - America’s Bailout supports no individual

I growled at the financial bailout proposal and I totally agree with Whoopi Goldberg. $700 billion dollars bailout, most of them should go to people who are heavily in debt to help them out, and some of them to the wall street and other financial institution that are in trouble.

When I first heard about it few weeks ago, I was so furious that all of a sudden, whoever on the Capitol Hill decided to write in a new proposal to bail out financial institutions.

I'm still paying my school loan to Fannie Mae and they have increased interest rate onto my loan bill because I'm not paying them the monthly salary they want me to pay. I have other bills and debt also food, clothes on my back, my transportation fee and other costs just to keep me going daily.

And came along the bailout that is for institution, not for individual who are struggling with the debts like me and I'm sure other million Americans.

700 billion dollars are enough to refund each American 2,300 dollars in tax refund. Wouldn't that be nice if the Captiol Hill had thought of that and help us out with 700 billion dollars? Al tho it's tentative and it has an article about protecting taxpayers, I got the feeling we'll pay for it. Maybe they should have written an amend that we'll get free McDonald's apple pie for paying some percent of tax for the 700 billion dollars!

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