September 16, 2008

The Negative People

5:17 PM - The Negative People
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I'm so sick today but my fever had went down. I've been fighting against cold and fever since last Sunday.

However, I cannot bite my tongue on these negative comments that people make on someone else blog. A perfect example that frequently happen at celebrity myspace blogs. They're trying to connect to their fans and their friends. We all know since most of us have busy schedule, that they're busy and sometimes the only time they can connect to their fans and friends are through myspace or any other blogs.

What really annoy me is that there are people who will click "add me" on the celebrity's blogs only to throw negative comments against celebrities. C'mon! We all know that anyone who click "add me" probably love one of these celebrities. Why would anyone, who wants to throw negative comment, waste their time to click "add me"; pretending to be the fan of their work, then hurdle negative comments? I don't see how they have seen that as a productive of their time doing it!

While I don't believe in promoting negative comments, but I just want to make an example out of somebody!

A perfect example would be from "Sammy" :

He wrote on Lindsay Lohan's blog: "Hey Lindsay-
You're a censored idiot. I'm pretty sure you didn't finish real high school, never went to college and have been in rehab (repeatedly) for your complete disregard for common sense, not to mention federal drug laws. A) Why would anyone in their right mind care what you have to say about the election and b) why would you think that the opinion of some faux wannabe trendy lesbian (who by the way gives real lesbians a bad rap) matters to anyone who is even of age to vote. I think it's so funny how every "liberal" person thinks that they're enlightened, however the minute someone disagrees with them, they are a media whoring homophobe. If you really want to see media whoring, take a look at you and your pathetic, reality show having, disgraceful excuse for a family. And by the way, next time I want political advice from some coke whore, I'll just walk down to the corner of my street in Brooklyn and ask for it.


Sammy, you only know less than 1% of celebrity's life. And you signed "peace"??? Peace means a state of mutual harmony between people or groups, esp. in personal relations that is really in contradiction with his negative comment. Sammy, what are you trying to do?!?

These kind of bloggers really annoy me the most! Lay off, negative people. We really don't need you to throw negative comments on celebrities' blogs especially among their fans who adore their idols. We don't really need you!!!

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