September 3, 2008

Longest day


todays the longest day that if I type everything down, it ll be ten pages long.

I've been constantly keeping up my blog at google:

I relieved all stress by cooking my mom lamb, salad and organic mashed potatoes (yes, u can make organic mashed potatoes). And was so tempyed to cook more food! But have to remmy that my mom and I are trying to lose weight. I've lost some more lbs. Poor my mom has gained 8 weights due to eating buffets in las vegas two weekends ago and who know something else!

And interesting enuff that I've been asking to date someone every time I post something up at myspace, and facebook.

But my energy is being well spent on my speedy job transition. Speedy because its happpening all so fast as if its happening at everything once. My free hours have tuned into working or doing errands. I'm not used to work at home. Overall, it hasn't cease to amaze me.

How's ur heart? I miss u and hugs!

- when rainbows aren't enough: seek for stars at night.