October 24, 2008

9:04 PM - can in·sane’ness be measured

Current mood: bitchy

I want to point out two of many things that have happened this week. Big Mama's & Papa's Pizza took over the location of where Pizza Man used to be. I went to the one in Pasadena a few years ago and was appalled by the size of its biggest pizza in California. It was also delicious. But little did I know that the manager at the new location near CSUN would actually push my button. I rarely get pissed off. And I rarely take rudeness personally. I would shrug it off and walk away often. But this time, I've saw a side of myself that I didn't like.

I called him to order a regular size of pizza for me and my mom. We got mixed up with the order I wanted and he was absurdly rude. He exaggerated, "I had never taken an order in 10 minutes". Then he hung up on me. I have not been hung up .. in years. The last time I was hung up was when my friend and I got into an argument and that was in High School.

So I called him again and he hung up on me. What happened to "the customers are always right" crossed my thought. I bolt out of my home into my car, sped to the big mama's and papa's pizza near my home. I approached the manager and asked him if he was the one who hung up on me. He said yes with an ugly smirk on his face.

I was livid. He and I exchanged in which I think I rather keep it between him and me.

And big mama's and papa's pizza had lost me as their customer. All those fire inside me began to die as I became really disappointed and hungry. Then I remember my favorite pizza place at all the time: Pizzasaurs. I went there and they were so happy to see me. Made me their homemade pizza and I went home happy. But the more I thought of my choice of action and his choice of action, I got upset on my choice of action that I sped to big mama's and papa's. I thought the better way to approach it if it ever happens again is just to file a complaint to BBB and type a complaint letter to big mama's and papa's. He just got to me.

The next following morning, on my way to work. I must have worn a blouse with one button down. I have a large pair of breasts and sometimes they show cleavage when I wear blouses.

I was groggy when a driver got my attention. It was a Caucasian male in a truck who gestured that he wanted me to pull over and relieve him of his fantasy. Of course not but instead of just politely shaking my head, I flashed a bird (middle finger) to him. I thought it'd turn him off and he would just drive away. Boy, was I so wrong as he seemed to be aroused by it and kept on chasing me, trying to get my attention. I became scary and decided to ignore him and kept on driving at 65mph. Thank goodness that he became bored after a while and sped off. I thought to myself, what's wrong with me. Two not so wise choices I've made this week. I must be angry at something. What it is, it's for me to explore by myself.

Have a good weekend!

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