October 25, 2008

Google Android: T-Mobile G1 Google Android Phone Review

Google Android: T-Mobile G1 Google Android Phone Review

1:49 PM - T-Mobile G1
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..I think after reading its reviews and features, that this device is (most likely) to be a perfect communication gadget for deaf people. Someone I know very close to my heart is getting one and I cannot wait to see what it looks like.

One con is that it doesn't have facebook application on it. But it has push email (via gmail) in which you don't have to set up auto synchronization or refresh your inbox. New incoming email will pop up and it has google talk (I use it frequently), interactive map, android (its features is amazing), calendar, address book, browser, third party email, messaging and the best of all, the screen is touchable like iphone and treo.

Of course, it has pros and cons like every other smart phones including iphone (no copy and paste, can't multitask: if you're typing in a memo, incoming email will come up, forcing you to choose then when you come back to the memo, its data is not saved; no exchange email, and no ichat. I rest my case to people who said iphone is the best thing ever).

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