October 13, 2008

Big Porter Ranch Fire

3:43 PM - BIG Porter Ranch Fire
Current mood: hot

Wow! I was driving on 118 eastbound from Oxnard to Porter Ranch when I saw the biggest red/orange smoke coming out outskirt of the hill. It was very close to the 118, about 3 miles north and it was so intense that I actually inhaled fire smoke and coughed from it. I took beautiful picture of it but am struggling to put it on this blog. So let me send you a link from CNN of pictures here: Los Angeles Fire. And while it roars of its beauty, it's very dangerous to houses near the hill. My prayers go to horses, rabbits, cats, dogs and the people who live on the hill.

In the meanwhile, I'm watching out because if the fire go down the hill, I might have to start running.

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