October 18, 2008

A strange proposal

1:05 PM - A strange proposal
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photo of mcdonald game pieces

My friend and I had the most unusual proposal. McDonald Monolopy began on October 8, 2008 and ends on November 3, 2008.

The proposal is to eat one meal of mcdonald's every day. I did it for 8 days and oh boy, my health went down. I kept on getting the same pieces. I even went to different mcdonalds' in hope to get different pieces. Then when I told my friends, some told me to stop doing that. Other told me just to buy them, take few bits, throw food in the garbage and play. One pointed it differently: If you play every week by buying a meal per week, you probably have a better result.

BUT I'm just so sick of trying to eat a meal daily and trying to win. I am even supporting mcdonald's by doing that. I used to work there when I was 16 years old. I didn't like my job there. And look at me now. How ridiculous I feel! But I took an opportunity to see if I could win and I didn't. Just want to know where the fate went and it went to another gain of 5 lbs on my waistline. I'm trying to lose that lbs now and its difficult than I thought.

And if you want these game pieces, I'll be happy to give them away unless its against the mcdonald's policy. I didn't see that in the policy. I'm so fed up and don't want to play this game!

You know where to find me!

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