November 3, 2008

7:07 PM - please vote! and what a weekend!

7:07 PM - please vote! and what a weekend!
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First of all, I was reminded by my friends to vote tomorrow. Even if you're one of the undecideds, just go into the poll and give it your best shot. Make sure to read the instruction if you're going to use the computerized ballot. I'm going for the old fashioned way: the CHAD way and I'm an expert at it.

And last weekend was my fab birthday. Yes, I'm 35 years old and I don't care because I am still (as my students have said) 21 years old at heart. I am still a kid in many ways. A mature, well rounded and accomplished 21 years old kid in an adult body.

I'm so truly blessed to have my true and close friends around me on the day as we went to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery for Dia de los Muertos. I wanted to celebrate my birthday on a cultural festival day. We were so immersed by it. Beautiful festival. Then we went to a bar called "Match". Perfect environment because it's so relaxing, cozy, not crowd at all and we all gathered under the light to chat. Perfect place to hang out because there's no "meat market" or competition, and few people there ( I think it's because of the damp weather).

I'm deeply grateful for my friends that I've grown up over the years. I have friendship relationships with some of them that span over ten to 15 years. I'm truly blessed. I do not take my friendships with my friends for granted.

And you, my myspace friends, be grateful for people who you love and stand up as an American and VOTE! VOTE, my dear!

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