November 14, 2008

And Life goes on

4:00 PM - And Life goes on...
Current mood: accomplished


I'm still celebrating my birthday as well as my friends' birthdays this month. It's a great feeling to be a Scorpio!

I'm also celebrating on my hardest decision I've made, which is to suspend my website business so my soul and my heart could have more room to grow. And being a teacher is just wonderfully enough.

Tonight, I'm going to my friend's birthday party. Tomorrow to my dear little soul sister's performance and her birthday party. Then on Monday to my sweet friend's gym grand opening.

My friends have it all put together. I might have few puzzles missing but they'll be replaced with love. I'm patience of my success and as I haven't given in, I'll try again and maybe I'll prevail later. As of right now, congratulations to my "cousin" Malcolm and my friend on their newfound love, to my friends on their wonderful achievements and to my efforts on trying to accomplish something I love and I know I'll love to try it again.

This weekend is going to be my sweetest weekend. And thank you so much for your support. My soul's loving the opportunity to have more time to myself. So is my heart: "She's loving it too".


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