November 17, 2008

The Aftermath

6:54 AM - The aftermath
Current mood: creative

Last Saturday, I let it all loose. I was having a woman's day, wasn't being myself and my head was somewhere else.

I went to the Mountain Bar for my dear friend, also my little soul sister's birthday. I'm proud of what she has accomplished and what she's doing to pursue her dreams. I saw her in a play in which I'm so proud of her talents as an actor.

And oh, at this nightclub, I just want to let myself loose with boundaries applied, of course. I had two drinks and I danced and danced all night long. I miss this loose feeling; these boom boom boom rhythm, my heart beating to the vibration of the music. That feeling I missed so much. That feeling where I felt I'm rocking my world in rock and roll vibe. It was one of my best therapy that night.

And about the recent PETA attack on one of these celebrities; I really think PETA needs to take a lesson in civics. Suppose one of these celebrities is wearing a fake fur coat? That should not be the way we should be educated about animals rights by attacking other people. The flour bomb that the activitists tend to use to attack should be enough to feed a starving family instead of wasting it on someone else who s wearing either real or fake fur coat. I love animals and I believe in animals rights but the action of PETA activitists have always stop me from becoming a member.

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