November 24, 2008

Myspace on Blackberry

6:44 AM - Myspace on Blackberry
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Good morning, everyone.

First of all, I want to say happy thanksgiving to you! I'm so grateful to have family and friends that I love being part of my life. Thank you for anything and everything!

Please also remember the Native Americans during the thanksgiving. They were the one who welcome us to America and taught us many different ways to survive in the new America. Native Americans are the heroes in this country. Please give thanks to the Native Americans.

And I'm going to be one of the fierous shopper on the black Friday. Lot of electronics including computers and accessories are going to be on sale. 25 to 75 percent off on electronic gadgets, computers, laptops, and technology accessories including digital cameras, dvd players, tivo, dvrs, anything. Watch out for the promotion annoucements from Fry's Electronic and Best Buy. Also watch out for the Circuit City as there's rumor it might go out of business very soon. Despite the horror tales of shopping on black Friday, I'm going to be there between 4am to 5am, ready and charge to go shop for xmas!

And a quick note on myspace on blackberry. I downloaded the myspace on my blackberry and it's cool but it has a huge con: I cannot blog straight from the myspace application on the blackberry. I can only do it thru the browser interface. So it disappointed me that there's no optional of blogging from its appliance. I'm sure that perhaps they (staff at myspace) is currently working on it.

Enjoy the holidays. Many hugs!!!

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