December 10, 2008


10:43 PM - Finals
Current mood: optimistic

Just a quick blog--- I miss you! I miss typing on my blogs. I miss having random thoughts on experiences that just came to me or passed me by and writing about it.

I haven't had an opportunity to make time to compose a blog. The final exam week is here and it's a lot of work for any teachers anywhere. As for me being me, I'm doing alright most of the times. Other times could be overwhelming.

And it's getting so hard to drive up north to Oxnard with a powerful wind. Last Tuesday, it really shook my car at 60 mph over the bridge in Thousand Oaks.

And in Northridge, a temperature of 72 degrees would plummeted to 65 degrees at night time.

While I enjoy watching students putting their big smiles on their faces after the final exam; I'm looking forward to a day soon when I wake up and realized that I can just stay in the bed and read a novel. As of right now, it's a very good idea to go to bed before a long day tomorrow.

Currently reading :
Signing Naturally Student Workbook W/2 DVD'S (Units 1-6, Student Workbook)
By Ella mae Lentz, Ken Mikos Cheri Smith