December 22, 2008



Wow!! Correcting and grading papers are the prices of being a teacher! However, I'm proud of most of my students who studied very hard and passed the courses this semester.

And I'm looking forward to other semester. But right now, I am home. I am truly blessed to be home after traveling a lot, meeting with teachers and administrators and then seeing my dear friends before we are busy for our holidays. I was very tired last week up to a point at when I woke up last Friday morning, I went wow! No more alarms, no more long roads of traveling, and a day off from preparing a lesson plan. Right now, I'm so relax on a Monday rainy day.

Yesterday, I had a blast time decorating my grandma's 3 feet x-mas tree and realized her birthday was yesterday. So I celebrated her life. Today, I'm going to just relax. I am home. I am truly blessed to be home.

May the stars be bright and may the angels be with us all! Happy holidays to each one of you and everyone in the world.

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