January 10, 2009

A bang to begin with...

a bang to begin with

Current mood: amused

What a year for 2009 already! I thought I'd chill after happy new day and oh boy, was I wrong! My life just got busier. . I think I'm becoming more active in my life. I cannot wait to celebrate my friend's 30th birthday tomorrow night.

What a beginning of the year in politics. Someone told me that a man wants his kidney back from his estranged wife. He also mentioned that it's already "an old news" but I think my jaw hasn't come back up, yet. Then I watched the view (tivo) with my mom and Whoopi couldn't stop laughing. I laughed along with her because...I can't find the word for it, yet.

2009 is the year of Brown Ox in Chinese Horoscope. It mentioned that lot of excitement and drama will come into many of our lives this year. I'm looking forward to excitement but about drama, if it's part of life experience that I'll go thru, then I'll accept it. If it compares to nada, then I'll let it go immediately.

I think politics already is entertaining fulfilled with a lot of dramas going on. ;-).

For advanced reading copy, I'll recommend "To Catch the Lightning" by Alan Cheuse. It portrays the life and art of Edward S. Curtis, a photographer who record every Indian tribe in the West. I think it's already in the bookstores. Check it out!

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To Catch the Lightning: A Novel of American Dreaming
By Alan Cheuse