January 11, 2009

Being Madoff'd for 50 billion dollars

Being Madoff'd

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The world is changing especially in financial situations. 2 million jobs lost which affect more than 10 million people in America including people who are rich, in the middle and poor.

Why Madoff? 50 BILLION (not million) dollars F R A U D. 50 billion dollars that some investors would have returned and contribute some of them to charities who help out people who need food, clothes and shelter. 50 billion dollars that could have helped the stock market indirectly. 50 billion dollars that could help the crisis in financial bailout or real estate situations.

We are a country where we spend more, save less but when it comes into a spirit of giving, we do save some. We save to build our dreams, to make contribute to charities and to live our lives. 50 billion dollars will have a enroumous impact on the spirit of giving including giving ourselves a well deserved hard earned dreams. I have smypathy for all of the investors in Madoff's scheme because their hard earned dreams are blew away. He scammed his own sister of 3 million dollars who is now trying to sell her house in Florida. Famous author who wrote the best seller, "How to make a love to man" is now trying to sell her real estate properties and jewelry to pay her bills. It also affect the investors who believe in stock market and is prolly trying to sell their stocks to pay the bill. That's not good for a struggling stock market. Think about it: 50 billion dollars up in the air that could have make a difference in our lives, especially during the time of financial struggles.

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