March 26, 2009

Cold Shower

I suffered other bout of cold shower this morning. What kind of water system would make heat magically disappear at 6am? But I got to take it or I'd reek of eel.

I tried to think of any thought that would district me from the painful sensation of cold onto my skin. I washed and rinsed as quick as I could and got out. I shivered as I dried myself. Then move slowly into my room to get dressed.

In about 2 minutes, I felt so refreshed. And since I'm a Feeler, not a Thinker, all of sudden, wonderful thoughts and ideas sparkled up my eyes. I'm now so motivated to start my day, and want to spread love to a stranger today.

I haven't feel that way during my hot and warm shower days. Now I want to get off the computer, hit the road and go to the places I've dreamt of in such a long time. Maybe I ought to take cold shower once in a while to get this driven force started up. AS for right now, all I care about is to VROOOOM!

Have a great day, everybody! You're all love, you have enough, you do enough, you are enough!