April 5, 2009

Sunday @ 10:36pm

I miss twitter all week last week. And I will not allow myself go a day without at least twittering somebody. It's worth saying a hello to a stranger to inspire their day. Same with twittering a hello to someone!

I had a long week last week. And this upcoming week should be sweet for me. I miss my mom who is still in Palm Springs and I miss my TV! And for a peculiar reason, I'm watching Country Music Awards in which I knew nothing about except for Miley Cyprus singing. I'm profoundly deaf and music plays a tiny role in my life altho I came from a family that love music.

While I couldn't hear music, there's closed caption on this program which allowed me to read the music lyrics. And I noticed the difference between Rock and Country Music. Country Music tells a story through its song and Rock n Roll just follows rhythm of lyrics thru music. Now I know why my mom loves Country Music because she loves listening or reading stories about people's experience through life.

It's now 10:41pm as I'm past my bedtime. May the angels be with you, Twitters!