December 16, 2009

9 days until Christmas

Before I set off to babysit two adorable cats of my friend's, I would like to thank a lot of people for supporting KODAWest, Deaf Hope, Rathskeller (ASLFX), NAD and other deaf organizations by voting them thru Chase Community Giving.  And congratulations to Deaf Hope for its advancement into one of 100 top Chase Community organizations.

It has been one of my busiest Fall with less sleeping hours.  Trying to see everyone before we take off to our Xmas vacations (except me, I'm staying in NoHo), my mom's identity has been stolen,  a reunion with my uncle, my heavy mechanic classes, two of my friends' grandparents who have passed away, rearrange house, painted the kitchen and dining room, trying to get my life in order for Winter and etc...Why etc, because it is continuing as my life goes on.

All of those lack of sleeping hours have been caught up with me.  I woke up still feeling sleep deprived.  I took naps and felt better afterward for short time.  Then I wanted to sleep some more.

But my life experience between September 21 to today has been wonderful regardless of up and down.  I feel so happy, feel so much better and a little more wiser thanks to my family, Bonima family and friends.

Bonima family: Stephanie Johnson and Lee Thorneycroft are the Grandmothers; *Bob Arnold as Father, me as Mother, Nick Zerlentes as Son, Dyan Sue and Evelina Gaina as Aunts and Kalen Feeney as Cousin and Red Hotties; Cass Harvey, Lisa Chahayed, Lauren Abbott Maucere, Juliet Maucere, Melissa El Mira Yingst Huber, Stephanie Johnson and their families as Bonima's extended family. 

*Note: Bob noticed there are only two males in Bonima family.  Well...

Good night and may the angels be with you tonight.