December 19, 2009

The Power of No

A great article I found online written by Ivan Campuzano...

“I hate a man who always says ”yes” to me. When I say ”no” I like a man who also says ”no.”” Samuel Goldwyn

The Power Of No:

I know many times personally when asked by someone to do something, instead of saying what I felt inside me which was no, I said yes. The hardest time to say no is usually to our friends and family. We don’t want to let them down or make them feel bad, even though deep down we wanted to say no because we did not feel right about it.
Learn to become aware of your feelings and internal dialogue, and when approached with a request listen to your inner voice and follow it. Deep down you really know what things will bring you peace or take you further away from that state of being. We need to learn to go from being reactive to proactive beings, who respond to situations in accordance to our inner harmony.
So next time your friend invites you to a night out on the town, learn to listen to your inner voice. If it says sure go have a great time, than go enjoy your self. If your voice says that’s bad idea and that you should continue working on your project, learn to say no and feel good about following your voice. Each time you make the decision to follow your inner voice, you make your self stronger. Each time you give in and comply with something you don’t agree with, you are giving away some of your power.
Learn to be completely responsible for every facet of your being; learn to even accept responsibility for all your thoughts. If you become aware of some thoughts that you don’t like accept responsibility, let go of them and think of something new. You and only you are responsible of where you place your minds attention.
The more you watch what’s going on inside you with no attachment the more space you create to see things and your thoughts more objectively. So when you are confronted with situations you are able to see what’s really there, and respond intelligently and in your best interest. When you are intensely identified with your thoughts, reality get’s filtered only through your thoughts and therefore reality becomes distorted, it’s as if you have on blinders. When you become more watchful it’s as if you take the blinders off and are able to see a situation as it really is and not just your minds interpretation of it.
So the power to say no lies in understanding what’s going on inside you and having the proper awareness to respond to a situation. If you are clear headed enough and in tune with your self you will have the power to say no, if that’s the best response for your situation. Below are a few posts to help you increase your awareness and become more watchful which will help you respond to your external reality.
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