September 8, 2010

For The Book Worms

The itching of having e-book application days are long gone. Borders have a cool application in where we can download the program then buy any e-books and read them from the netbook, laptop or desktop (and also for blackberry, iphone, ipod and android). I was so relieved when I can download it for free because I used to really want to have e-book application and was afraid that I had to spent between 499.00 - 129.99 to get ipad, nook or any e-tablets for it. I also have an Acer netbook, Macbook Pro laptop and the monster Lenavo desktop. Although having ipad would be great, I've turned my budget to focus on my needs since I'm in school and am on a budget. This e-book application is great for all of us who don't have ipad, nook, iphone and android. Check it out here.

They also have e-book application for blackberry bold, curve and tour (limited OS versions).