September 10, 2010

The Maximum 72 Million Dollars Poster Boy

Alright, pretty boy; you may deserve it. His pretty face, five time NFL Pro Bowls and Three Superbowl Rings have made him the most prettiest quarterback in history (not yet?) earning 72 million dollars four years contract. But as I read in several blogs about him, I found a very good article written by Mr. Holznagel (

Here is his article below. Happy Reading:

Car crash in the morning, record-breaking contract in the evening -- everyone agrees yesterday was a wacky, surreal, tumultuous, kind of crazy day for NFL quarterback Tom Brady, AKA Brady Gaga.

But at the end of the day he was $72 million richer. Here are six things about Tom Brady's new contract:

1) He'll be 37 when it ends. Brady has one year left on his old deal, then the new four-year deal kicks in at $18 million a year. So the contract ends in January (or February?) of 2014.

2) Tom Brady is now the highest-paid player in the NFL. Albert Breer of the Boston Globe breaks down the numbers.

3) NFL = Not For Long: Peyton Manning is also due a new contract, and Colts owner Robert Irsay has sworn up and down that he'll make Manning the highest-paid player in the NFL. Those ego boosts are important to Manning, who's not as cool as Brady and has won two fewer Super Bowls.

4) Only $1 million per game? Brady's new contract pays him $1.25 million per regular-season game. But the NFL is headed for an 18-game season in a few years, so Brady would then be making only an even $1 million per regular-season game. Coincidence?

5) He needs 17 more years to beat George Blanda. Tom Brady has been with the Patriots since 2000 -- his whole career -- and he's starting his 11th season. The longest-lived QB, George Blanda, played 26 years in the pros. So it breaks down neatly: Brady just needs three more four-year contracts after this one. That would have him retiring after the 2026 season, at age 49.

6) His wife still outearns him. Supermodel Gisele Bundchen was paid $25 million in 2009, according to Forbes. So Brady, presumably, still has to do the dishes.