December 14, 2010

The Heart Hunters

Facebook has been on my mind lately because having 600+ friends hit me at home. In my life apart from social networking online, I have a small circle of friends that I do not take for granted. And of course, just like you throughout of my life, I've met a lot of people. Some of them became my friends and some of them remain my acquaintance.

I'm a private person who like living life and I don't mind having a small circle of friends. What scares me is that I could open up to 180 degree in private, but in public, I'm shy.

When I joined Facebook, I first thought it would be convenience to share news with my small circle of friends. For unknown reasons, I kept on adding acquaintance that seems to extend beyond my circle of friends. The more friends I have on Facebook, the shy I get. So I don't post up on what I'm doing often compared sending my friends greetings almost everyday.

I've thought of modifying friends settings, I've thought of eliminating acquaintances who I don't talk at all, I've thought of setting restrictions in which I did and I've thought of eliminating friends down to 100.

Then I thought of acquaintances that wake up without any email greetings from their acquaintances (if they have one), thought of friends who receive 5 emails or less per day, thought of acquaintances who feel lonely and seek Facebook for at least some company. Then I understood. Facebook, underneath the basic foundation, is to build social networking in where people can interact with people, make new friends and to keep each other company.

It's a perfect place for the heart hunters who seek new friends because everyone on this earth deserves a friend. The bottom line, I'll keep my heart open by adding new acquaintances.

Good morning, my friends!