December 19, 2010

The Final Rebuttal

I am *upset*. I've been reading The Rebuttal by four deaf bloggers from Australia. Even if I missed the updated article or feature, I always go to its bookmark and read the past issues. But I would not have thought of reading the last post at The Rebuttal.

Read the last article here

Our voices matter in any situation anywhere. Sometimes our voices get us into trouble but so what as we had thousand of life's lessons in the past and million more to come. Reading the Rebuttal taught me to appreciate the voices being in open. But as it quoted, "There were also attempts to censor us. We know of more than one occasion where a CEO contacted the CEO of another organisation to try and shut us up. We know one even approached their Board of Management with a view of giving us a legal warning but was reproached. We were lucky that we had “friends” and supporters and they warned us of many things. One of our favourite incidents was to be told to use a pseudonym so that our views could not be linked back to organisations we might be associated with. Yup! Openness and debate is often frowned upon."

To sound off your voice in the openness should not be frowned upon at all. This request is for deaf bloggers; DO NOT TURN OFF YOUR VOICES, EVER!

Thank you, The Rebuttal, for spreading out your voices.