March 13, 2011


I'm not a Catholic or do not practice Catholic but because of; how do I say it, challenging myself to sacrifice a routine that has a great affect on my daily routines or the routines I've always to set up for myself. So I decided to go into a full charge and sacrifice TV for 39 days.

The only exemption is on a night when I'll be at the private party of Dancing With The Stars premiere. Some would consider this exemption a fail goal of mine. I would have to disagree because I want to see how I can move my life without TV as much as possible.

Last Friday, 8.9 earthquake hit Japan as everyone already known. I was so astounded so I went to my ipad, clicked on CNN and watch video news. I forgot that video is also considered as a TV.

Today, 35 days left. It's a difficult or as I should quote my big sister; impossible, to feat but I'll give all the best I can do.