September 25, 2013

Lack of Self Care

Lack of self care: My mom's hospital social worker scolded me after I walked into the hospital with tea bags under my eyes and several symptoms of exhaustion. She said, "Do not go into self-neglect because your mom is dying. Take several breaks, eat three meals, take a walk, get out of the hospital for fresh breath, invite your friends over, maintain self hygiene and most important of all, try to take care of your soul very well." 

I took some of her advice, invited my friends over, took several walks, went out for fresh air, ate three meals and tried to sleep for 8 hours daily. It took a lot of stress baggages off my shoulders and help me relax thru that situation. One of these things I wish I could've done was to go to a gym. I used this excuse that my gym, LA Fitness, was 30 miles away. Later on, I found out that there is a local gym 5 minutes away from the hospital and hospice that accepts no contract, monthly payment of 10 dollars without any required commitment. Because of lack of work out and frequently take out/dine in meals, I've gained 15 lbs. Now, I've made a commitment that I will go to the gym three - four times a week and continue to eat healthy food. 

My point: please embrace self-care thru any situations at any given time.